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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dessert *lick*

We were again at my sexy boyfriend's place but it was annoying because I had my period...and a headache (which usually comes with it anyway).

Supposedly sex is good for headaches. I don't know, I can't be sure but I like to think it's good for headaches! So at his place we sat down on his bed and we were kissing. I lay down backwards and pulled him after me. We kissed for a bit and then he sat back up so he could undo my pants and pull them off. I sat up too so I could take off my top and helped him with his clothes ;) Then we were just lying naked on his bed kissing and pondering what to do next...

We ended up grabbing my laptop again and surfing thru his porn collection on his computer. I was thinking that I hadn't given him a blow job in a while and I really wanted to make him feel nice today. So while he found something he wanted to watch, I maneuvered myself downwards so that I could lick his penis. At first I was going slowly because he was still searching for something he liked out of his porn collection. I just licked him a bit, tasting him. He wasn't fully hard at first but licking did the trick ;)

Then he settled for a lesbian porn with two girls in a bedroom making each other feel nice. I put my mouth around his penis and slid it up and down his penis. My tongue was sliding against the underside of his penis, putting a little pressure on it. Slowly. My boyfriend likes me using my teeth gently on his penis. I know that not all guys do. I started nibbling on the sides of his penis, just up and down the length of him on both sides. Then I put him inside my mouth again but this time I let my teeth touch his penis so that it would graze it softly when he slid in and out. By this time my boyfriend was tightening his muscles. I moved my lips/teeth up and down his penis quicker. It is hard to keep up the pace so I take a few rests by alternating with licking and sucking him.

I have my hand around the base of his penis and I move it up and down where my mouth doesn't reach. Once in a while I also take in more of him. He likes that feeling. So I am moving up and down the length of his penis, increasing speed and pressure. He tightens and I feel his cum in my mouth. My tongue is putting pressure against the underside of his penis and it can also feel it as it rises up. My hands continue moving and I continue with my mouth for a little before slowing down and just licking instead. Most of his cum falls on his stomach, some of it is in my mouth as I lick while it is still spurting up.

We clean all this up and jump back into bed for my turn. Since I had my period, we didn't really want to have sex and make a mess. So he is just rubbing me while I watch something on my laptop. When I get a bit horny, he moves down so that he can lick my clit. He doesn't want to put his fingers inside me because I am wearing a tampon and it is a bit annoying. Instead he starts touching my anus. He has been touching there a bit lately. He wants to have sex there but I haven't done it there before so I am not sure. I guess I don't mind as long as it doesn't hurt. Which means I need to get used to it.

So his fingers are there. He is still licking me and he gets some lubricant on his fingers. He rubs the outside and as I get more into it, I move my hands down so that I can rub my clit. Very slowly he inserts his finger. I almost don't notice because it doesn't hurt much when I'm horny. I guess I'm starting to get used to it. He doesn't move his fingers too much, just a little and just slowly. I like it :) He is quite gentle.

So I cum as I rub myself and part of his finger is inside my anus. It feels nice. I think I like real sex better though! Just rubbing my clit isn't enough!!! I like to feel him inside me.

Afterwards we just lie there together and he is looking through his old porn collection. Sometimes we watch a few, sometimes we delete a few. There were some interesting ones and before long we were touching again. He had his hands rubbing my clit while I was rubbing his penis. It was harder to come the 2nd time but I did. He didn't but he had fun. I guess we had quite a bit of sex lately so his penis has had quite a bit of exercise!

It was fun. Like dessert, I get to give him a good lick. It's like...ice cream. Yummy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Main Course Cumming Up

Main Dish?
I have two to choose from!!! I guess I will write about today's mind blowing sex session ;)

Past few days I've felt quite horny. I have been horny ever since I posted about pre-period hornyness in fact. Today I went to my boyfriend's house and it started off like usual....
Naked on his bed, we were watching the last episode of one of the best hentai animes out there so far, Viper GTS. My boyfriend doesn't like this hentai much because it's a little bit too much fantasy for him but I liked it. So we were lying on his bed and I had Viper GTS running on my laptop. My boyfriend at first is just touching me while we watch but as I get hornier, he decends so that he can lick my clit. It feels good with him licking me. I continue watching and I tighten my muscles periodically to feel the sensation between my legs. It gets to a point where I slide my hands down so that I can open myself up while he inserts his fingers into my pussy and licks me at the same time.

When I get really horny I sometimes take over and start rubbing my clit while his fingers are inside. This is what we did today. He is rubbing me inside while I am rubbing myself on the outside while watching this sexy hentai. I come pretty quickly after my hands take over and he continues rubbing me inside for a bit afterwards. It actually feels extra good this way. I love how after I orgasm, I can feel him pressing inside me.

We switch places so he is lying on his back and me on top but this hentai has already finished so we thought we'd look through his porn collection from his computer. Since I am connected to the network, I can just open up his videos on my laptop. So we find this nice one with a few girls and guys outside having sex next to a pool. I slide him inside as I lower myself on top of him. It is an amazing feeling to have him inside after my orgasm. I move up and down so that his penis hits my g-spot inside and it makes me moan continuously.

I am pretty sure he enjoyed that porn video because he was really hard. The harder the better it feels inside. He pushes himself up against me and comes with pleasure.

Afterwards we have a bit of a rest and watch some other anime on my laptop and have lunch and all. Then he goes "Do you want me to make you feel nice again?" I go "maybe..." He goes "You didn't object when I was touching you before (during watching anime). Usually if you don't want me to touch you, then you pull my hand away..." I say "I guess".

So we end up surfing through his porn collection again and there is this porn movie. The storyline is crap as in most, but we just skipped the first bit and went straight to the interesting part! A couple and a 17/18 year old girl basically. So I'm watching and my boyfriend is just lightly rubbing a bit down there. The movie was pretty long so it was nice to just lie down and feel nice while it was on. We took it slowly. When things go slow and I've been rubbed for a while I end up getting more horny. At one point, my boyfriend moved his hand down to touch me between my legs and he exclaims "You're more wet than usual!!!"

He gets excited when he sees me horny. He likes that. He puts his fingers in again and I move my hands down to touch myself. Just slowly....the buildup is quite a bit though and when I come, it feels extra good. We both keep on going after my 2nd orgasm and I feel the spasms ripple through me. I love to kiss my boyfriend after I come. I like to say "thanks, baby" because it feels really good.

We continue surfing through his porn collection. Just to see what he has. I open one up with this guy taking a home video of his girlfriend who's a bit shy at first. It wasn't too interesting to start off with. My boyfriend had to go out of his room for a sec so I thought I'd leave it on to see what it was. My boyfriend comes back and by this time I'm well into the video so I wanted to watch the rest. I was still horny for some reason. Just my hornyness peak time. And before long I was once again coming (literally) in the hands on my boyfriend. He is so sexy :)

I was just throbbing down there afterwards. Just feeling the blood pump through. I breathe out and I feel an extra nice sensation. So I control my breathing so that I have a long out breath. My boyfriend sticks his fingers back in and rubs again and I'm saying "stop baby!!" It's so nice but I think I had enough. Every time he puts his fingers in and rubs my g-spot I am just breathless. He stopped me talking in mid sentence doing that! I just had to stop and savour the sensation.

Three orgasms today. It was GREAT!!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Hungering for More

I hope you enjoyed my last post. It was a VERY long one dedicated to my cute greedy boyfriend who's always hungering for more....Main course right up! Check it out next post when it comes out ;)


Would just like to take a post or two to reflect on the early days when me and my boyfriend first started having sex.

I'll just say that right from the beginning we were really into each other. We were quite touchy feely right from the beginning even though we hadn't had sex yet. I guess that lasted only a few days. I remember I was studying once at uni. My newly acquired boyfriend was sitting next to me and he wasn't concentrating on studying. I was looking down at my textbook and he....concentrated on the logo on my t-shirt which just happened to be slightly above my breast.

I remember him saying "oh, what's this? That's an interesting logo..." while his hands slightly brushed it. I didn't object. I played along ;) He made a few more brushes across my breast to make sure it was really ok to continue. I still didn't object. In fact my breathing was starting to become short and tight as I was getting excited.

It is worth mentioning that the room had quite a few people in it who were all doing their own work. I don't think anyone noticed. Or if they did, they didn't say anything.

His hands continued and before long they were under my t-shirt. Just touching my skin and rising to my breasts. His hand brushed against my breasts again but this time with only a bra in between. I wasn't quite concentrating on my textbook anymore.

I guess that was just the start. It wasn't long before we were searching every nook and cranny at uni for a secretive spot to have a bit of fun.

We settled for a level which was supposedly prohibited but was easily accessible if you knew how. We found a chair and my boyfriend sat there with me on his lap. We were kissing...passionately even. He decided he had permission and rested his hands on my breasts. We continued kissing and his hands wandered under my t-shirt again. Wasn't long before my bra was undone and his lips were circling my nipples. As of yet, I hadn't really done anything. I was a bit shy.

I actually waited until he ran his hands down into my pants before I started doing anything. Since I was sitting on his lap I could feel his penis all hard underneath me. It was quite funny, there was a little bit of fumbling at first. I guided him to my clit where he started rubbing. A few slips sometimes but it was quite nice.

Fortunately for girls, a guys penis is much easier :) I was just brushing my hand over the bulge in his pants. I was a bit to shy to put my hands in straight away. But he encouraged me...and didn't object! So before long my hands were in his pants and getting all sticky from his yummy juices.

We didn't end up having sex just yet. Just alot of kissing and rubbing and touching. Alot of hormones and juices and precum ;)

This continued for a few days. We were quite horny. We also found another spot. It was a little hideaway under a set of stairs at uni which no one seemed to visit. Again we had a chair between two of us. Me on his lap. And we started again with our touching and kissing. After a little while, my boyfriend says to me, "do you want to do something else?" And I'm like "What else?" And he says, "Something with three letters that starts with 's' and ends in 'x' " And I'm like, "Ohh....But we don't have anything..." And he goes, "I do". And I'm like "Where?". He jerks his head towards his bag, "In my bag." I'm like, "When did u get it?" He goes, "A little while ago. So you wanna?" I go, "hmm...ok."

So he grabs his bag and brings out a small box of condoms. He unwraps one and rolls it onto his penis. "So, how do you want to do this?" he asks. I shrug. "How about you on top?" he suggests. So he sits on the chair while I straddle him and ease myself onto his penis. I was unused to sex so I was a bit dry and it felt a bit strange. I moved slowly up and down to get used to it. My boyfriend was sure enjoying it. I don't remember if he came or not that day but I am inclined to remember that he did. I am inclined to remember that he came quite quickly because it felt so good.

I found it sorta hard to come during sex. So we compensated. We got my boyfriend cleaned up and condom removed. Then I sat on his lap while I enjoyed him rubbing me. It was nice coming on his lap :) Especially since he had so much fun beforehand.

Now I am horny again. Maybe I should write my blog just before I see my boyfriend rather than at the end of the day. Then the hornyness will get a release....yum....

Cyber Masturbation?!

A funny thing I heard someone say on irc today:

"yes, there is such a thing as cyber masturbation: you know how some people will alias themselves and "talk" with themselves on message boards, chat channels, and such? they can cyber with themselves, too......"

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pre-Period Hornyness

I woke up today from an interesting dream. It was about a girl on a bike/motorbike. She was wearing black short shorts and a black boob tube. As she's riding away, these two guys are watching her...and want to have a bit of fun with her.

I woke up at that point. Woke up HORNY. So my hands had wandered down and were starting to rub myself. I was thinking about those guys having some fun with the girl. It was quite sexy. It's a good story to remember next time my boyfriend wants a naughty story. So I came and basked in the nice chemicals before I had to wake up.

I was pretty horny the whole day today. Not itching horny but just touchy feely horny. My boyfriend was commenting on it because my hands were wandering into his pants when no one was looking.

So we went back to his place at about 5pm-ish. Jumped on his bed and got told off (to take my clothes off when I'm lying in his bed) hehe. Lying naked next to my half naked boyfriend. He doesn't do anything, just lies there. He says it's my day today so I should do whatever I liked!! That wasn't fair! I liked him to be naughty as well :) So I pulled off his boxers and lay on top of him. Moving my body so that his penis was being rubbed between us.

I had turned my laptop on earlier and I connected it to his computer so that we could share files. He has a nice porn collection there ;) So I went and double clicked on a random one. It turned out to be 3 Japanese couples. At first it was sorta boring. They all had their clothes on and were kissing and touching outside their clothes for a while. Then it got a bit more interesting when the clothes were ditched. It was a pretty good porn movie, I liked it.

During this time I was stroking my boyfriend's penis and he was rubbing my clit. Until I got really horny during the movie, then I guided his hand further down so that he could put his fingers inside me. I took over the job of rubbing my clit and I came in the scene where the couples were all in different positions having sex... that's not very descriptive because that's like every porn movie...but anyway ;)

Switched places then. Sat on top of him and put his penis inside me. Being horny all day has its advantages. It makes sex extra good! I was lost in the pleasure of him inside me. Before long he came as well. He's so cute.

I'm still horny...hmm...I wasn't horny until I started thinking about this again! Now I wonder if I'll last until I go to bed ;)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sex Blog Addict

Another thing worth mentioning is that my boyfriend absolutely LOVES this blog. He is always chasing me up to write more about our sex life (and how naughty I am).

Getting in the Mood

My Boyfriend sure knows how to get me in the mood ;)

I was feeling really out of it today. For everything in general. So we go back to his place and I just wanted to relax and maybe have a nap or something. But as usual for a guy, he can never resist a naked girl in his bed!

He has this rule at his place:
If you want lie on my bed then you have to take your clothes off because your clothes are dirty!!

Sure....it's just a ploy to get me naked but I take it all off every time. Actually I let him enforce the rule and take it all off for me ;) But for a girl, being "in the mood" isn't just a snap of fingers.

He worked out a while ago, that I'd get really horny if we were watching Hentai (Japanese Porn Animation). So...he goes, Didn't you want to watch some Anime??
I said Yeah but I wasn't thinking of Hentai!!

Anyway, we end up watching the last two episodes of an anime called Momiji. About this girl who gets recruited as a maid to this womaniser. Not the best in the world but it does its job ;) So we're both lying on his bed naked, watching Momiji on my laptop. His hands wander down and rub my spot. There are quite a few interesting scenes and before long I was getting quite horny. I was also rubbing his penis which was hard as soon as he took my clothes off!

His hands wandered further down between my legs and found all this wetness. His fingers just slid right in. I moved my hands down to take over his previous position as clit massager ;) Along with the hentai...it wasn't long before all the pleasurable spasms came in the form of an orgasm.

Then I got him to lie down on the bed so I could straddle him and slide him inside me. It felt really nice having him inside and I just couldn't help moaning. The hentai had switched to a scene where a maid is licking another and my boyfriend seemed to enjoy that...alot. Usually he holds back to make the pleasure last longer but I think it was too much for him with me moving above and he spurted his ejaculate on his tummy. He thinks its easier to clean up that way. I agree with the cleaning up bit but I enjoy it if he comes inside me as well. :)

Just thinking brings back all those nice chemicals...

Monday, August 30, 2004

Naughty Train Ride

My boyfriend continued his naughtiness today.

He's still very huggy kissy. I don't know it's sorta weird but nice. So we were on the train on the way to uni and not that many people were in the carriage. He was unbuttoning my jeans and I give him this *look* to say what are you doing, naughty boy! Of course being Mr. Naughty, he continues with my zipper and I'm looking around but no one's close enough to see. His arm was around me and his hands wandered into my pants ;) Ooooh, you shaved.

I'm whispering into his ear Naughty boy! You're horny! And I brush against the little bulge in his pants ;) He was getting hard! So I just left my hand there and rubbed a bit.

It's strange, we haven't done this for a while, i.e. touching on the train. We used to ALOT when we first started going out.

On a different note...
I like the way I smell ;) Funny I never mentioned that to my boyfriend. Sometimes, if I haven't had a shower for say, a little more than a day, then I can smell my pussy. It's nice...though probably a bit strong if you stuck your nose right into it! But I can't do that, I'm not flexible enough, so I smell it only sometimes when it gets stronger...

Saturday, August 28, 2004


My boyfriend just went home from my place. He came over after he finished his cricket training and all. I was a bit surprised he came over so "early" because I'd spent the last few hrs fiddling around with the html in my blog. Time flies.

So I let him in and he insisted on carrying me to my room! So I let him ;) Though we almost fell over because the floor was wet from just being mopped. So we're both lying on my bed and kissing/touching. He's really cute and he likes to make me come first. I like it better that way too because I find it harder to come during sex. It feels nicer too to have sex after u come. There's all these nice sensations when he's inside me....

At first he's just touching me. He's really good at finding my clit and all :) And when I get horny enough, he puts his fingers inside me. Meanwhile I'm rubbing his penis. mmm....
And then my other hand I use to rub my clit so that he's rubbing inside with his fingers and I'm rubbing on the outside. Gives me shivers just writing this!

Then I have to swap to my right hand (my right hand is usually touching him before this) because my right hand is better at it! And I come with his fingers inside me. Feels really nice.

Then I make him lie down on the bed and straddle him, guiding his penis inside me. It feels so good just after I've come to have him inside.

I've heard alot that guys come within 2 minutes of penetration. How many have experienced that? I'd be interested to know because my boyfriend is not one of those guys. He can go on for ages! Although it does get a bit tiring after a while. (No he does not take Viagra. lol.)

During sex, we had a few breaks ;) We were a bit talkative today. He was asking how I liked it today with his finger (previously) slightly brushing my anus while his other fingers moved inside me. I said - did u do that on purpose? and he goes Yeah, did it feel nice? And I said It's ok.

Then a bit later he commented on how I got excited while I was watching Hentai, in the bits where women had anal sex and suggested that maybe I would like it. I've never had anal sex before. I think we tried once ages ago but it was a bit too painful for me :P I figured that thats why he was partly brushing against my anus before. That thought distracted him from sex a bit lol. He asked me if I wanted to try and I said, Maybe Next Time. I didn't really feel like that today so we made do with good old fashioned woman on top sex. With a bit of missionary thrown in the middle.

After sex, we ordered some takeaway pasta (yum) and my boyfriend went to get it while I had a shower. When he came back, mum was already home from work and me and my boyfriend went to watch some Olympics on TV while we had dinner. After that, my boyfriend was pretty touchy feely. Strange because he's not always. And I was getting a little sleepy too. He was so naughty. He wanted me to take off my pants so he could have a pussy lick. Thats his favourite. He loves licking me down there. So after a while I gave in (cuz he promised that I could count to 20 and he'd stop). I didn't really want to because mum was in the other room! Anyway, I counted slow because otherwise he'd reckon it was unfair and make me start again ;)

It felt nice though! Gave him kiss and cuddles when 20 was up. But a few minutes later he wanted to do it again! lol. I give in so easily. He said it was yummy ;) So another 20 countdown went by. And then we were just lying on the couch with him on top of me kissing and stuff. He pulled my bra down so he could play with my nipples. A bit later he's licking my tummy. He's cute.

But like all good things, they have to end for now. He left to go home and watch some cricket on Foxtel. And I'm writing about our day in this blog. Don't worry...we can't keep our hands off each other so there will be more juicy details next entry.

Just a Start

21 is a good age to be creating a blog about sex. This blog was started because my horny boyfriend said how he liked my sex fantasies and I should write about my secret sex life. Mainly for him but this blog is public so anyone can read it.

I was doing some "research" for people with interest "sex" in their profiles. I found a few interesting ones. http://the_howling_in_the_night.blogspot.com/ talks about girl and wolf sex. Very sensual *growl*. Although if u get scared about that sort of stuff then run away.

In real life, I am quite conservative and I have never shared my sex life with anyone except my boyfriend. Well enough talk on introductory crap. Lets just start with...SEX.

I woke up today and went blogging on my laptop. Turned on MSN and had a chat with my boyfriend. He is going to be anonymous so far until I decide whether to use an alias or his real name. It would've been nice for him to be with me but he had cricket training at 2 (in the middle of the day) and we were going to have dinner tonight anyway. So after some mucking around and chatting about whether I should make a sex blog, he came over to my place (no one else was home).

I knew someone would come home soon so I didn't want to do anything which would take a while or create mess. So we were just sitting and kissing...me sitting on his lap. His hands wandered a bit. I figured he was pretty horny cuz he's breathing louder and was very kissy kissy. mmm....

Too bad my sister came home :P lol.

Then we just went for a little walk with the dogs. Let them run loose a bit in the park while we pashed a bit more. When we were going back he asks....u horny? Lets do something tonight! ;)

And I'm going...hmm...maybe ;)
Everyone should be out of the house tonight so we can have a bit of fun before going out for dinner.